Jones Musical Instruments combine artisan craftsmanship and modern technologies to produce world-class basses and guitars. All instruments are designed and built for the discerning professional musician, as well enthusiasts and serious connoisseurs.


Encompassing elegant designs with quality bespoke workmanship, each Jones instrument is designed by Darryl Jones, and built by a master luthier using cutting edge methods and time-honored practices.

Darryl has developed several models, and each can be customized to suit individual players’ sonic and aesthetic desires.



JONES CHATHAM (P-Type) – One pickup, 4 or 5 strings

JONES GRESHAM (Jazz Type) – Two pickups, 4 or 5 strings



JONES TELHAM – Two pickups, 6 strings

JONES STRATHAM – Three pickups, 6 strings

If you are interested in special ordering a custom-built guitar from Jones Musical Instruments, please let us know by completing this form.

All Jones basses and guitars are crafted in the U.S. by John Carruthers, a legend who has built custom instruments for countless artists around the world. John worked on the Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Robben Ford lines for Fender, as well as the Joe Pass model for Ibanez, among many others.

  1. Love Jones 3 Darryl Jones 0:47
  2. Here We Go Round 1:00
  3. 04 Horse Whisper Redux 0:46
  4. Love Jones 17 Darryl Jones 0:45
  5. There We Go Round Darryl Jones 1:14